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Ironbridge, South Staffs & the Black Country

The tour leader is Brian P Curtis

Brian has been leading CTC tours since 1984, including camping tours to Iceland and Scotland. His interest is in providing a good holiday in addition to some good cycling, and to this end he tries to meet the wider requirements of his touring groups.

Postal address:
23 Milton Crescent
EH15 3PF

Phone: 0131 669 5918
mob 07900 462304

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  Ironbridge, South Staffs & the Black Country        no places (closed)ed 1723 state T.E.D
  Spain, Mallorca          (spaces available)  2+ 
2nd October 2017 (Mon) - 12th October 2017 : 11 days£650
Moderate + ABTOT   
Moving-on, Rest days  :  Land-only  :  Hotel  :  B&B  :  Luggage transfer
Experience this popular island at the beginning of October when the crowds have gone but the weather is still pleasantly warm. Start/finish at the same hotel which is only 3km from Palma Airport. Cycle more than halfway round the island, 30-75kmpd. Quiet roads, sea bathing.
Leader: Brian P CurtisRef: 1757
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