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Lands End to John O'Groats

The tour leader is Chris Ellison

Chris believes tours should be mostly about enjoying yourself and having fun experiencing the local culture, scenery and people - rather than ticking off countries or getting the miles in. He says, 'I try to give a choice of long or short rides with rest days as well on most of my tours.' He enjoys reading and watching films (he is a bit of a film buff) and, in the past, the odd scuba dive and horse ride.

Haute Provence is his favorite area in Europe and Chris cheerfully admits to speaking bad French with a Provencal accent. On most tours, he can be found looking after the people at the tail-end of the ride. 'After a long hot day, wherever you are in the world,' he says, 'happiness is enjoying a good meal with new friends in a local restaurant, as the stars come out in a velvet night.'

Phone: 01246 250647


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  Lands End to John O'Groats        no places (full)ed 1853 state T.E.D
  Thailand          (spaces available)  2   
20th January 2019 (Sun) - 2nd February 2019 : 14 days£1460
Moderate ATOL   
Multi-centre  :  Land-only  :  Hotel  :  Some meals  :  Full vehicle support
Experience Bangkok then have fun getting off the beaten track and beyond the big resorts. Discover tropical forests and tiny islands with golden beaches and friendly people. Explore the ancient ruined temples of Arruthaya. Lots of rest days, swimming, snorkelling. Suitable for anyone with a sense of adventure. Internal flights included.
Leader: Chris EllisonRef: 1868
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