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  Lands End to John O'Groats          (spaces available)  3   
7th September 2018 (Fri) - 26th September 2018 : 20 days£2195
Enthusiast ABTOT   
Moving-on, Rest days  :  Hotel  :  Half board  :  Full vehicle support
Cycle from the bottom to the top of Great Britain. This very scenic tour uses mostly good quality hotels. With a longest day of 80 miles and many hills it is designed for the more experienced road cyclist.
Leader: Chris EllisonRef: 1853
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  Thailand          (spaces available)  2   
20th January 2019 (Sun) - 2nd February 2019 : 14 days£1460
Moderate ATOL   
Multi-centre  :  Land-only  :  Hotel  :  Some meals  :  Full vehicle support
Experience Bangkok then have fun getting off the beaten track and beyond the big resorts. Discover tropical forests and tiny islands with golden beaches and friendly people. Explore the ancient ruined temples of Arruthaya. Lots of rest days, swimming, snorkelling. Suitable for anyone with a sense of adventure. Internal flights included.
Leader: Chris EllisonRef: 1868
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