Tour PG740    

Greece, Southern Peloponnese

The tour leader is Chris Juden

Chris has been leading CTC tours since 1985, specialising in European countries where he speaks the language, i.e. Spain, Germany and Austria, and with interpreter assistance also Italy and Greece. Anyone who's been a CTC member more than a year or two will know of Chris's Technical Officer work and may have read something about his cycling, with CTC, friends and family. Chris is married to Helen, who assists on some of his tours. They live in Surrey, but like nothing better than to get away with their bicycles to somewhere a bit more dramatic!

Chris is a keen photographer and usually manages to make a record of the tours he leads. For a taste of recent trips see

Postal address:
35 Woolley Road

Mobile: 07709 881270

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Chris's other tours listed below.

  Spain, Rioja        no places (full)ed 1742 state T.E.D
  Greece, Southern Peloponnese          (spaces available)  2   
Coming soon tour.All places are currently reserved for this tour, with a waiting list of 10
14th April 2018 (Sat) - 28th April 2018 : 15 days£1500 to 1700
Moderate ABTOT   
Moving-on  :  Land-only  :  Hotel  :  Half board  :  Full vehicle support
Start/finish in Kalamata for a spring tour of the dramatic coast, mountains and historic sites of mainland Greece's deep south. Cycling about 40mpd and staying in good quality hotels.
Leader: Chris JudenRef: PG740
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