Tour 1877    

India, Kerala & Tamil Nadu

The tour leader is Colin Ward

I joined CTC back in 2002 when I started planning and riding my own solo tours in France, Holland, Italy and the UK. After going on my first CTC holiday in India, I realised that riding in a group was so much more fun, so, as soon as I got home, I joined my local CTC-affiliated club where I have since become a ride leader.

I live in the Surrey Hills, which is a great place to ride, but when I get the time, I like to load up my panniers and cycle west to Salisbury Plain and beyond. My favourite cycling activity is discovering new routes along country roads and cycle paths. Being a Tour Manager enables me to share those routes with other cyclists.

Postal address:
Smithwood Common,
Surrey   GU6 8QP

Phone: 01483 278420
07522 862303


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