Tour 1877    

India, Kerala & Tamil Nadu

The tour leader is Colin Ward

Colin joined CTC back in 2002 when he started planning and riding his own solo tours in France, Holland, Italy and the UK. After going on his first CTC holiday in India, he realised that riding in a group was so much more fun, so, as soon as he got home, he joined his local CTC-affiliated club and become a ride leader.

He lives in the Surrey Hills, which is a great place to ride, but when he gets the time, he likes to load up his panniers and cycle west to Salisbury Plain and beyond. His favourite cycling activity is discovering new routes along country roads and cycle paths. Being a Tour Manager enables him to share those routes with other cyclists.

Postal address:
Smithwood Common,
Surrey   GU6 8QP

Phone: 01483 278420
07522 862303


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