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Italy, Sicily volcanoes & ancient sites

The tour leader is Greg Woodford & Claire Hine

Phone: 07508 028457

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  Italy, Sicily volcanoes & ancient sites        no places (cancelled)ed 1704 state T.E.D
  Italy, Central Sardinia          (spaces available)  2   
2nd September 2017 (Sat) - 16th September 2017 : 15 days£1275
Moderate ABTOT   
Moving-on, Rest days  :  Land-only  :  Hotel  :  Half board  :  Carry own luggage
Visit the wild coastal and mountainous regions of Sardinia. See ancient ruins, towering mountains cloaked in ancient forest and visit a turquoise sea, one of the cleanest in the med. Experience a pastoral way of life still practised in Sardinia. Moving-on through rugged terrain and some rugged but incredibly picturesque roads. Good hotels and agriturismi compliment this adventure.
Leader: Greg Woodford & Claire HineRef: 1756
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