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  Albania        no places (full)ed 1815 state T.E.D
  Kyrgyz Republic        no places (full)ed 1830 state T.E.D
  India, Zanskar          (spaces available)  3+   A  
This tour will not be going ahead
26th July 2018 (Thu) - 12th August 2018 : 18 days£
Enthusiast + / Adventurous ATOL   
Moving-on  :  Air  :  Camping  :  Full board  :  Full vehicle support
Leader: John & Pat AshwellRef: 1839
 Edit Tour: 1839   +     Price    State    Tour No.    Leader: John & Pat Ashwell    T.E.D.
  Montenegro        no places (full)ed 1847 state T.E.D
  India, Rajasthan          (spaces available)  2   
11th November 2018 (Sun) - 26th November 2018 : 16 days£ 2625
Moderate ATOL   
Moving-on, Rest days  :  Air  :  Hotel  :  Half board  :  Full vehicle support
PLEASE NOTE: THE START/FINISH DATES ARE SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT TO THOSE IN THE DECEMBER CYCLE. A very special itinerary which includes the Pushkar Mela. This dazzling annual event attracts a great concentration of tribes people. Camels and cattle are traded and gorgeously attired women parade and dance. Visit Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur. Accommodation in heritage hotels, converted forts and palaces. Fly London Heathrow/Delhi.
Leader: John & Pat AshwellRef: 1865
 Edit Tour: 1865   +     Price    State    Tour No.    Leader: John & Pat Ashwell    T.E.D.

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