Tour 1772    

Wales, Pembrokeshire

The tour leader is Matthew Wright

Matthew is a freelance writer. He has written about a range of topics - including cycling, for the Guardian?s Bike Blog - for national newspapers and magazines. For him, cycling is the perfect way to cool a brain overheated by too much time in front of a screen. He has toured throughout northern Europe, although this is his first CTC tour. He would like, eventually, to lead tours through the remote ruggedness of the Andes, and the lush jungle of southern Asia, but has decided to start closer to home, with the still very beautiful Suffolk.

His cycling interests are focused on audax, touring and urban sightseeing. Above all, he believes cycling is the best way to get to know an area, to take in its landscape and sample its culture. His touring routes will always incorporate the best sights and scenery he can find.

Phone: 07974 925870

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Matthew's other tours listed below.

  Wales, Pembrokeshire           (spaces available)  3   
8th July 2017 (Sat) - 15th July 2017 : 8 days£170
Enthusiast ABTOT   
Moving-on  :  Camping  :  Self catering  :  Carry own luggage
Circular tour starting and finishing on the Gower Peninsula, designated 50 years ago as the first ever Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Travel inland towards Cardigan then cycle around some of Britain's most spectacular coastline via St David's, Carew Castle and Tenby. Approx. 35mpd in undulating terrain, carrying own camping gear. Start/finish accessible from Swansea Station.
Leader: Matthew WrightRef: 1772
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  South Wales MTB weekend          (spaces available)  2+ 
8th September 2017 (Fri) - 10th September 2017 : 3 days£150
Moderate + ABTOT   
Centre-based, Off-road  :  Hotel  :  B&B
Based at a 3-star spa hotel outside Swansea with pool, jacuzzi and sauna. A chance to get away and immerse yourself in some of Wales’ best cross-country off-road riding. A warm-up afternoon at Afan leads to two full-day rides, either at Brechfa and Afan or on one of many superb cross-country routes near Swansea.
Leader: Matthew WrightRef: 1773
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