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Sri Lanka

The tour leader is Neil Wheadon

Happily married to Sarah with two children, I've toured all over the world since the age of 17 when a friend and I took off with a tent for a month round Europe. I oversee and has organised many of the larger Tandem Club events, attracting up to 400 people. In 1997, Sarah and I spent 11 months cycling to Australia with his wife on a tandem. I enjoy cycletouring for the scenery and the cuisine rather than to get the miles in.

I have nearly 40 tours for the CTC. My tours fall into 2 catagories 1) Family tours There are 3 of these, May and August camping and a week in a chateau in Europe. These are very popular and the vast majority of families that go are repeats. 2) Long haul tours I go to places primarily for the scenery and try to go to places that other leaders aren't catering for that year. I take a small groups, ideally 12 including myself. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and to get a much better idea of the tours I have done visit which is filled with pictures and description of every tour I've done.

Postal address:
Brook Cottages
High Street
Lower Coleford
Somerset   BA3 5LS

Phone: 01373 812035


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Based at a family-orientated campsite. Very relaxed pace, average 33mpd, with plenty of tea stops. Eleventh year of this very popular format. Families with children only please.
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Definately Elephants, possibly Leopards and glorious bird life with a sprinkling of historical places. A new route visiting the eastern side, taking in 3 National parks, Yala West, Wasgomuwa and Sinharaja along with iconic ancient sites, Anuradhapura and Veddah villages. 63kmpd ave. Fly London Heathrow/Colombo.
Leader: Neil WheadonRef: 1767
 Edit Tour: 1767   +     Price    State    Tour No.    Leader: Neil Wheadon    T.E.D.

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