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  Belgium, WW1 Battlefields         no places (full)ed 1841 state T.E.D
  Holland, The Historical East Cycle & Cruise          (spaces available)  1+   2   
Place for a female to share with another female
17th August 2018 (Fri) - 25th August 2018 : 9 days£1299
Easy + / Moderate ABTOT   
Moving-on  :  Coach  :  Hotel Barge  :  Full board  :  Luggage transfer
Based on a hotel barge which moves with you each day so no packing/unpacking. Exploring Eastern Holland with old Hanseatic towns, forests, meadows, thatched cottages, canals, Veluwe national park and a visit to a windmill. Tandems welcome.
Leader: Pam & Dave PilbeamRef: 1843
 Edit Tour: 1843   +     Price    State    Tour No.    Leader: Pam & Dave Pilbeam    T.E.D.
  France, Normandy D-Day Beaches        no places (cancelled)ed 1848 state T.E.D
  France, Loire Valley        no places (full)ed 1857 state T.E.D
  Germany, Moselle/Saar Valley Cycle & Cruise        no places (full)ed 1864 state T.E.D

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