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Spain, El Comtat

The tour leader is Marjorie South

Postal address:
76 Methuen Road
Hampshire   PO4 9HH

Phone: 07740 944511

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  Spain, La Vuelta & El Comtat Self-guided          (spaces available)  2+   3   
1 place available
9th September 2016 (Fri) - 17th September 2016 : 9 days£420
Moderate + / Enthusiast ABTOT   
Centre-based  :  Land-only  :  Guesthouse  :  Half board
Ride deep into the Sierra Aitana, journey along an ancient trading route from the Mediterranean and through remote landscapes unchanged for centuries. Mostly hilly terrain with largely good quality roads and a change of scenery with every turn. Explore the ancient town of Cocentaina during the evenings.
Leader: Marjorie SouthRef: 1650
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