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India, Ladakh, Himalayan Traverse

The tour leader is Paul Rogers

Paul is a keen club cyclist, taking part in regular sociable club runs, occasional challenge events and mountain biking. He has regularly toured in the UK and Europe as well as India and New Zealand, and has been a CTC tour leader since 2002, organising mainly off-road tours for riders of all abilities. His tours are intended to provide stunning surroundings for participants to ride together, to meet, and to enjoy one another?s company. He is normally able to keep both riders and bikes in working order, as he is a trained mountain bike leader, an able bike mechanic and holds a first aid qualification.

Phone: 01588 630690
Mobile: 07767 278689

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  North Wales MTB        no places (full)ed 1705 state T.E.D
  India, Ladakh, Himalayan Traverse           (spaces available)  3+ 
Due to a cancellation, place for a male to share with another male
18th August 2017 (Fri) - 2nd September 2017 : 16 days£2295
Enthusiast + ATOL   
Moving-on, Off-road  :  Air  :  Hotel  :  Full board  :  Full vehicle support
An adventurous and demanding tour over some of the world’s highest roads crossing the Himalayas to Leh in the Mountain Kingdom of Ladakh. Hotels and fully supported camps at altitude along with the chance to climb the highest motorable pass in the World. Fly London Heathrow/Delhi.
Leader: Paul RogersRef: 1740
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