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  Edinburgh & the Scottish Borders        no places availableRef: 1718
  France, Manche to Med Supported        no places availableRef: 1719
  Ironbridge, South Staffs & the Black Country        no places availableRef: 1723
  Norway, Lofoten Islands        no places availableRef: 1724
  France, Provence & Vercors        no places availableRef: 1725
  Holland, the Historical East Cycle & Cruise        no places availableRef: 1726
  France, Haute Provence        no places availableRef: 1727
  Devon & Dorset Coast          2   
24th June 2017 (Sat) - 1st July 2017 : 8 days£180
Moderate ABTOT   
Moving-on  :  Camping  :  Self catering  :  Carry own luggage
Ride beside the River Exe before visiting Budleigh Salterton, Sidmouth and Seaton on the Devon Coast followed by Dorset's Eype Beach, Poole Harbour and Christchurch. Follow quiet roads and cycle paths with shorter distances planned on the days when there are more challenging hills to climb.
Leader: Colin WardRef: 1729
  Bulgaria, Central Balkan Mountains          2+ 
Due to a cancellation, limited places available
24th June 2017 (Sat) - 8th July 2017 : 15 days£1250
Moderate + ABTOT   
Moving-on, Rest days  :  Land-only  :  Hotel  :  Full board  :  Luggage transfer
Discover this fascinating, little explored and beautiful country at the crossroads of East and West. Enjoy stunning scenery of mountains and gorges, quiet roads, friendly locals, an interesting history and culture. See monasteries, fortresses, rural villages, statues and monuments. Visit the capital of the 2nd Bulgarian Empire and a Thracian Tomb World Heritage Site. Good hotels and excellent food.
Leader: Steve MillardRef: 1730
  Scottish Borders        no places availableRef: 1731
  Germany, Bavaria, The Franconian Vineyards        no places availableRef: 1732
  France, Normandy, The Calvados Coast        no places availableRef: 1770
  Isle of Man        no places availableRef: 1733
  Belgium, WW1 Battlefields         no places availableRef: 1736
  France/Holland, North Sea Cycle Route          2+ 
13th August 2017 (Sun) - 25th August 2017 : 13 days£290
Moderate + ABTOT   
Moving-on, Rest days  :  Land-only  :  Camping  :  Self catering  :  Carry own luggage
An unsupported camping tour using the North Sea Cycle Route (LF1). Cycle from Guines 10km south of Calais through Belgium to Amsterdam in Holland. Two-night stays at 4 campsites allows for cycling without luggage or rest days. The terrain will range from flat-lands and river valleys to rolling hills.
Leader: Fleur WoolleyRef: 1737
  N Holland & Texel Island, Cycle & Cruise        no places availableRef: 1739
  Spain, Rioja        no places availableRef: 1742
  Italy, Central Sardinia          2   
2nd September 2017 (Sat) - 16th September 2017 : 15 days£1275
Moderate ABTOT   
Moving-on, Rest days  :  Land-only  :  Hotel  :  Half board  :  Carry own luggage
Visit the wild coastal and mountainous regions of Sardinia. See ancient ruins, towering mountains cloaked in ancient forest and visit a turquoise sea, one of the cleanest in the med. Experience a pastoral way of life still practised in Sardinia. Moving-on through rugged terrain and some rugged but incredibly picturesque roads. Good hotels and agriturismi compliment this adventure.
Leader: Greg Woodford & Claire HineRef: 1756
  South Wales MTB weekend          2+ 
8th September 2017 (Fri) - 10th September 2017 : 3 days£150
Moderate + ABTOT   
Centre-based, Off-road  :  Hotel  :  B&B
Based at a 3-star spa hotel outside Swansea with pool, jacuzzi and sauna. A chance to get away and immerse yourself in some of Wales’ best cross-country off-road riding. A warm-up afternoon at Afan leads to two full-day rides, either at Brechfa and Afan or on one of many superb cross-country routes near Swansea.
Leader: Matthew WrightRef: 1773
  France, Loire Valley          2   
9th September 2017 (Sat) - 16th September 2017 : 8 days£889
Moderate ABTOT   
Centre-based  :  Coach  :  Hotel  :  Half board
Based in the old walled town of Loches with its tower and keep. Some new routes and chateau visits. Cycle through forests, medieval towns and villages, river valleys, visiting chateaux and castles on the way. Coffee stops, interesting places to visit. Tandems welcome, easy pace. 65-75kmpd.
Leader: Pam & Dave PilbeamRef: 1748
  Spain, El Comtat Self-guided          2+   3   
9th September 2017 (Sat) - 16th September 2017 : 8 days£440
Moderate + / Enthusiast ABTOT   
Centre-based  :  Land-only  :  Guesthouse  :  Half board
Ride deep into the Sierra Aitana, journey along an ancient trading route from the Mediterranean and through remote landscapes unchanged for centuries. Mostly hilly terrain with largely good quality roads and a change of scenery with every turn. Explore the ancient town of Cocentaina during the evenings.
Leader: Marjorie SouthRef: 1749
  Spain, El Comtat Self-guided          2+   3   
16th September 2017 (Sat) - 23rd September 2017 : 8 days£440
Moderate + / Enthusiast ABTOT   
Centre-based  :  Land-only  :  Guesthouse  :  Half board
Ride deep into the Sierra Aitana, journey along an ancient trading route from the Mediterranean and through remote landscapes unchanged for centuries. Mostly hilly terrain with largely good quality roads and a change of scenery with every turn. Explore the ancient town of Cocentaina during the evenings.
Leader: Marjorie SouthRef: 1752
  South Africa, Cape Town & the Winelands        no places availableRef: 1753
  France, Cathare Castles          2   
1 place for a male to share and 1 for a couple or a single male or female
22nd September 2017 (Fri) - 1st October 2017 : 10 days£1095
Moderate ABTOT   
Moving-on, Rest Days  :  Coach  :  Hotel  :  Some meals  :  Carry own luggage
Leisurely tour in and around the Corbieres, the western Mediterranean hinterland, in late summer. Opportunity to explore Carcassonne's fortified city and many spectacular ruined chateaux including Queribus and Peyrepertuse. The route includes rolling vineyards and superb limestone gorges.
Leader: Sheila SimpsonRef: 1754
  South Wiltshire in Autumn        no places availableRef: 1755
  Spain, Mallorca          2+ 
2nd October 2017 (Mon) - 12th October 2017 : 11 days£650
Moderate + ABTOT   
Moving-on, Rest days  :  Land-only  :  Hotel  :  B&B  :  Luggage transfer
Experience this popular island at the beginning of October when the crowds have gone but the weather is still pleasantly warm. Start/finish at the same hotel which is only 3km from Palma Airport. Cycle more than halfway round the island, 30-75kmpd. Quiet roads, sea bathing.
Leader: Brian P CurtisRef: 1757
  Germany, Moselle/Saar Valley, Cycle & Cruise        no places availableRef: 1758
  Scotland, Kelso & the Borders          2   
Places for a male to share with another male and a female to share with another female. A double room is also available.
7th October 2017 (Sat) - 14th October 2017 : 8 days£532
Moderate ABTOT   
Centre-based  :  Hotel  :  Half board
Kelso is a fantastic hub for cycling in the Scottish Borders with the 4 Abbeys Cycleway, Tweed Cycle route, Borderloop, Coast and Castles and local routes all passing through. Based at the Cross Keys Hotel situated in the heart of Kelso's French-style cobbled square.
Leader: Pat & Ron HarrowRef: 1771
  India, Rajasthan        no places availableRef: 1759
  Christmas in York          1     2   
24th December 2017 (Sun) - 27th December 2017 : 4 days£320
Easy / Moderate ABTOT   
Centre-based  :  Hotel  :  B&B
Explore this historic city and surrounding countryside using cycle paths, lanes and B-roads, or simply relax and enjoy being waited on. Led rides of 32 and 50 miles (short cuts available) on Christmas and Boxing Days, plus led walks. B&B plus superb Christmas lunch. Non-cycling partners welcome.
Leader: Sheila SimpsonRef: 1760
  New Year in Hampshire        no places availableRef: 1761
  Cambodia          2+ 
11th January 2018 (Thu) - 27th January 2018 : 17 days£2,300
Moderate + ATOL   
Moving-on  :  Air  :  Hotel  :  B&B  :  Full vehicle support
Cycle around the breathtaking temples at Angkor. Visit the sights in Phnom Penh. Head south to Kampot and past deserted palm lined beaches and tropical islands to Sihanoukville. Meet the amazingly friendly Khmer people. 20-105kmpd, ave. 69km. Fly London Heathrow or Manchester to Singapore/Siem Reap.
Leader: Richard DugdaleRef: 1763
  Sri Lanka        no places availableRef: 1767
  Myanmar        no places availableRef: 1764
  Thailand          2     3   
20th January 2018 (Sat) - 4th February 2018 : 16 days£2165
Moderate / Enthusiast ATOL   
Multi-centre  :  Air  :  Hotel  :  Half board  :  Full vehicle support
Experience Bangkok then have fun getting off the beaten track and beyond the big resorts. Discover tropical forests and tiny islands with golden beaches and friendly people. Explore the ancient ruined temples of Arruthaya. Lots of rest days, swimming, snorkelling. Suitable for anyone with a sense of adventure. Fly London Heathrow/Bangkok.
Leader: Chris EllisonRef: 1762
  India, South Kerala & Tamil Nadu          2   
1st February 2018 (Thu) - 18th February 2018 : 18 days£2650
Moderate ATOL   
Moving-on, Rest days  :  Air  :  Hotel  :  Half board  :  Full vehicle support
A tropical paradise. Warmth and sunshine, palm fringed beaches, tea, coffee and spice plantations, friendly people and superb South Indian cuisine. Witness sunset from Cape Cormorin. Cruise the fabulous inland waterways on converted rice barges. Visit Cochin’s antique and spice warehouses. Fly London Heathrow or Manchester to Trivandrum, returning from Cochin.
Leader: Sheila SimpsonRef: 1765
  Spain, Canary Island Hopping          2+ 
Coming soon - please email the leader for further details
17th March 2018 (Sat) - 29th March 2018 : 13 days£1100
Moderate + ABTOT   
Multi-centre  :  Land-only  :  Hotel  :  Half board  :  Carry own luggage
PROVISIONAL DATES. Explore three contrasting Canary Islands (Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura), using ferries to hop between them. Marvel at varied volcanic landscapes, with craters, conical peaks and barren lava fields, rugged coasts and sandy beaches. 6 days unladen, 6 moving on, mostly in small/medium hotels. 45-95kmpd.
Leader: Tony GoreRef: 1769

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