Choosing Your Holiday

Simply view the tour Prospectus and Leader’s Information Sheet.
This is downloadable from the Tour page. It has a day by day description of the tour plus general information about the holiday. For a more detailed description, contact the Tour Leader.

The itineraries
Look for our 5 tour formats:

At a holiday centre, with optional daily rides.
Spending several days at one location before moving to an new base. Using the centre as a base for a variety of rides that suit differing abilities.
Cycling on to a different location each day.
Some rest days
A mix of fixed centre and moving-on. Rest days are for rides or other pursuits.
Self guided
Riders follow the routes provided, and can add detours and short cuts. No tour leader, and there may or may not be a group.

The grades
Each tour is graded, so you’ll be able to pick your ideal holiday:

 1   These tours should be suitable for anyone who enjoys a reasonably active life. The pace is gentle, the terrain is flat to undulating, and daily distances are usually no more than 30 miles (50 km).

 2   These tours suit people with slightly more cycling experience. The pace is moderate, the terrain may be hillier than grade 1 and daily distances can often go up to 45 miles (70 km).

 3   For the regular, reasonably fit, cyclist. The pace is moderate but may include some very hilly terrain or some long distance days, usually no more than 60 miles (100 km).

A 'plus' (+) might be added to any of the above, so:
 1+       2+       3+
and this indicates that the pace may be brisker &/or the terrain more challenging &/or the daily distances longer.
 A     this symbol may be added to indicate an Adventurous Tour.
This Tour may include difficult terrain, primitive accommodation, and inadequately charted territory.

Type of tour
The majority of tours that we offer are on sealed surface roads for at least 90% of the time, although there may be potholes and débris. Busy routes are avoided where possible.
Some of our tours offer a land-only option, enabling you to make your own travel arrangement to and from the tour.
Bike bus/air/ferry
This element of each tour is included in the overall price.
Off-road tours (MTB)
Over 50% of the tour is on unsealed roads, tracks and paths.
Constitutes or includes an optional event registered with Audax UK, qualifying towards national or international awards.

Each tour is different. Some tours feature a support vehicle, some simply transfer your luggage, whilst on others you’ll carry your own bags. On fixed-centre tours, your belongings remain at your accommodation.

Where the exact price is not shown, the tour leader can confirm the exact price.

A cycling holiday is for fun. Each tour leader will be happy to talk you through the amount of experience they think you’ll need and you might like to check out Ready to Ride for some general tips. We all want to make sure you enjoy yourself!

Why not set off together as a family? Under-18s are welcome on many of our holidays, as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. The tour leader will advise you as to the suitability of their particular tour.

When it comes to inner tubes, towels, first aid kits or mosquito repellent, your tour leader can suggest what you’ll need to bring with you. For a general kit list, check out Ready to Ride.

Whether by air, ferry, bike, or the wonderful Bike Bus - a luxurious coach pulling a cycle trailer - the method of travel is included in the cost of your holiday, unless a tour is offered as land-only, in which case you’ll need to make your own arrangements to and from the tour.

Where travel is included in the price, it may be possible to choose a land-only option and make your own travel arrangements. The leader will be able to advise you.

This may be in hotels, guest-houses, hostels, camping, or a combination of these.

Tours may be full board, half-board, breakfast-only or self-catering. Our tours listing will tell you what to expect for each holiday.

Talk to the experts
You’ll find contact details for our tour leaders in their tour pages. Whether your question is big or small, you’ll find them friendly, experienced, enthusiastic and full of helpful details.

When you’ve found the cycling holiday that’s perfect for you, simply view, or download, and print out the booking pack. This contains all the details you need to make your booking. But please don’t delay - our tours are popular, and some fill up very quickly!

Financial protection for your holiday
Our air holidays are ATOL protected by the Civil Aviation Authority. Our ATOL number is 5613.
Holidays without air content are similarly protected by the Association of Bonded Travel Organisers Trust Ltd, of which we are a member. Our ABTOT number is 5102.
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