Our Tour Managers

Our Tour Managers are highly experienced volunteer enthusiasts who have put together a wide range of cycling holidays in the UK, Europe and Worldwide to suit a variety of tastes and abilities. They design and plan each holiday and are inviting you to go with them. If you find that one or more of their holidays is full, please feel free to contact them to see if they will be repeating the holiday again.

Bernie Curtis

Bernie worked for many years as a London tour guide, qualifying as a member of the Institute of Tourist Guiding in 1981. He is an active member of The London Cycling Campaign and... read more

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Colin Ward

Colin joined CTC in 2002 when he started planning and riding his own solo tours in Europe and the UK. After going on his first CTC holiday in India, he realised that riding in a... read more

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David Dunkling

David is a lifelong cycle tourist. Specialising in the Netherlands and he can advise on many aspects of touring in this country. His interests (not necessarily in order)... read more

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Fleur Woolley

Fleur has lead cycle tours as part of the CTC holidays program since 2006. She likes tours to cover new ground, and for this reason her tours are often researched but not... read more

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Gary Cummins

Gary has been a Cycling UK member since 1994. A former London Cycling Campaign activist he was also Vice Chair of Cycling UK Scotland for six years.He travelled on a... read more

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Gary Hill

Gary is a relatively new Volunteer Tour Manager, having first deputized on the 2018 Belgium Chateaux family holiday. Then successfully running the 2019 Netherlands for Families... read more

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Julie & Nic Hodgetts

Over the last 25 years Julie and Nic have cycled and mountain biked in many countries all over the world and have also participated in audax's, sportives, and mountain bike... read more

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Lyndon & Caryl Bracewell

We are both well-travelled and regularly lead cycling and walking groups. Being more ‘tourists on a bike’ rather than hardened cyclists, our tours are designed to... read more

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Michael Stainer

Michael has been leading CTC Cycling Holidays since 2013 including tours in the UK, Ireland, Sri Lanka and Montenegro. During the last 25 years he has also cycle-toured in many... read more

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Pat & Mike Strauss

Pat & Mike have been cycle touring since 1978 and leading CTC tours since 1987. They have led fixed-centre tours in the UK, Italy and France plus hotel-based tours in Ireland,... read more

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Pat & Ron Harrow

Pat and Ron have been leading CTC tours for many years both at home and abroad. They enjoy meeting old and new friends to cycle in a relaxed fashion stopping for refreshments when... read more

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Peter & Linda Cox

Peter and Linda have been cycling and and having adventures by bike for over 35 years. They have been leading CTC tours for the past eighteen years, both abroad and around... read more

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Peter Mastenko

Peter is a keen touring, long distance (audax), and now retired as a commuting cyclist. He especially enjoys riding in quiet and hilly rural areas and overseas in beautiful... read more

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Robin & Yvette Youngs

Yvette and Robin have enjoyed touring for many years in Europe, Asia and North America, and have led CTC Holidays in Germany, India, Myanmar and Thailand.  Robin's charitable... read more

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Sheila Simpson

Sheila is a lifelong cycletourist who joined CTC Cycling Holidays in 2001 and usually leads three to five tours per year, specialising in France and Southern India. Interests (not... read more

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William Miller

William is a former land surveyor/cartographer now working in IT. He has a keen interest in digital mapping and GPS technologies, and contributes to the openstreetmap project,... read more

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