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Maxine has been riding a bike since she was a girl and simply loves being outdoors. She is passionate about nature, the countryside and the changing seasons, whether riding on or off-road. With an emphasis on fun and companionship rather than speed, she hopes to infect tour participants with her enthusiasm for travelling by bike, whilst seeing, hearing, smelling and appreciating fully the environment they are travelling through. She is usually assisted on CTC tours by her husband Paul, a capable rider and able bike mechanic.
Paul is a keen club cyclist, taking part in regular sociable club runs, occasional challenge events and mountain biking. He has regularly toured in the UK and Europe as well as multiple trips to India and New Zealand, and has been a CTC Tour Manager since 2002, organising mainly off-road tours for riders of all abilities. His tours are intended to provide stunning surroundings for participants to ride together, to meet, and to enjoy one another's company. He is normally able to keep both riders and bikes in working order, as he is a trained mountain bike leader and an able bike mechanic. Paul and his wife Maxine both hold a first aid qualification.

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