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Gary has been a Cycling UK member since 1994. A former London Cycling Campaign activist he was also Vice Chair of Cycling UK Scotland for six years.
He travelled on a number of CTC tours both in the UK and overseas as a participant and then deputy leader, and organised informal tours for groups of  friends before becoming a CTC Tour Manager in 2010.
Gary's tour managing philosophy is to seek out pleasant routes to less well known (but attractive and pleasant) accomodation. Previous tour participants have overnighted in everything from from 4 star spa-hotels with hotubs and gyms through to Lochside Hostels, Ecovillages, a Hebridean Blackhouse, former Land Girl Huts and the smallest Cathedral in the UK!
He goes out of his way to promote; awareness of and consideration for the areas cycled through,  making use of the rural Scottish economy, sightseeing, and positively encouraging cafe and cake stops.

07906 447489

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